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EMpower Program

achieve an elite mentality on and

off the field.


Support and skills groups for current NFL players and alumni.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Scott Leydig


Dr. Marvin K. Smith

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Ray Shipman

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We all need to have an Elite Mentality to be the best we can be as an athlete, family member, and human being.


EMpower offers support groups for current NFL players and NFL alumni. Consult with a team of elite professionals to strengthen your mental, emotional, and social wellbeing while continuing your NFL brotherhood.

Hosted by Dr. Scott Leydig, Sport Psychologist

Dr. Leydig is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in sport psychology services. In his private practice he takes pride in helping athletes achieve optimal performance on and off the field. He and his colleagues developed the EMpower program to fill a need for NFL players to open up with each other on a deeper level while learning the mental and behavioral skills as an athlete as well as a human being. 

Featuring an exclusive partnership with an elite team of professionals from Memorial Healthcare System. 

Dr. Marvin K. Smith is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and can help provide his insight on the physical aspects of the mind/body connection. As a former D1 athlete, he understands the physical toll football has on our bodies from the experiential and medical perspective.

Ray Shipman is a former NFL linebacker and became the Director of Business Development at the Memorial Sports Medicine Center who brings his former playing experience and passion for mental health to the EMpower program.

Download our flyer, contact us and learn how you can benefit from an Elite Mindset as a member of the EMpower program.

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this program will cover

Anxiety and Depression Reduction

The demands of the NFL and life can sometimes lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. EMpower groups will help you recognize these symptoms and equip you with the tools and resources to live a happier life.

Coping Skill Development

Life can present many challenges, therefore, learning the right mental and behavioral techniques to cope with these challenges can make all the difference.

Strengthen Relationships

EMpower groups are built for the guys who know exactly how it feels to be in the league and the toll it takes on your relationships outside of football. Learn ways to express, connect, and enhance your relationships on and off the field.

Managing Injury or Chronic Pain

Injury and pain can cause discomfort doing the things we love most. Learn how to utilize your mind/body to help maximize your physical wellbeing. 

Emotion Regulation

Not being in control of your emotions can lead to 15 yards on the field, and even worse consequences off the field. EMpower groups will help you learn to stay level-headed when dealing with adversity.

Career Transitioning

Football is a huge part of your identity. When your football career is over, finding a purpose in life is critical in leading a more fulfilled life.

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